1. lavoilette:

    Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey, 1963

  2. lavoilette:

    March 1967. Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey.

  3. lavoilette:

    Jean Shrimpton wearing Mary Quant. Photo: John French, 1963.

  4. electriccloset:

    yulia musieichuk by nikolay biryukov for schön #24 

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  5. abigaildonaldson:

    Devon Aoki in “La Couture Nature” by Satoshi Saikusa for Vogue Paris March 2000

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  6. Speed and Strength

  7. leahcultice:

    Angel Rutledge for Le Mile by Adeline Wohlwend

  8. girlsandmachines:

    Lily Donaldson and Blue Spitfire, Glemham Hall, Suffolk, by Tim Walker, 2009.

  9. Night ride. CBR 250r

  10. lavoilette:

    Suzy Parker in plaid stole from Lanvin-Castillo, photo by Georges Dambier, ELLE, September 8, 1952

  11. Shoe Love on Flickr.

  12. CLIMAX

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  13. Caley on Flickr.

    Repsol Honda CBR 250r

  14. Caley w/Repsol

  15. Caley w/Arai